Nugget & Penny #3
Nav & Shot & Sharks

After weeks of trying multiple approaches, we think we finally cracked the way we want the map to be – that is, conceptually. We would probably be able to show the implementation in our next Devlog, but for now, we finally can experience the flow of moving from the map to a level and back. Each level will have its info panel, clicking it, and you can start the level.

Although we have finished implementing the Whack-a-mole mechanic gameplay, we are still missing the UI design, integration of some animations, juice, and a few more tidbits. We will come back to these later on in the development process, as we choose to work horizontally.

We have a new mechanic – Nav & Shot. The goal of the mechanic is to reach the shore without getting destroyed by the enemy sharks. Operating the boat has a few tasks: steering the wheel by pushing it in the required direction, firing weapons, and activating a protective shield.

The enemies in the Nav & Shot mechanic are the sharks. For now, we got three different types of sharks:

  • Basic Shark – when it reaches the players’ boat, it will soon start to munch on it.
  • Speed Shark – can dash and move faster than the others
  • the Hummer Shark – will have the ability to rock the boat by slamming it.

Each shark will move in six-directions, so we still got a lot of work to do before we can move to animate other characters. We use Skins in Spine, which is easier and saves us resources.

Shark animation in Spine.

We also got to animate our cute drones: iBall PRO and Voxel G8. For now, we have three animation states: idle, flying, and look–down. We still need to decide on their remaining functions in the game.

We are also happy to join the #100DaysOfGameDev challenge. Almost every day, we post our progress for that day on Twitter. We enjoy this challenge and the supporting community. If you are a developer, we recommend joining it, and its Discord channel. Be sure to also send us a link in the comments – we would love to follow your progress!

That’s our summary of those two weeks. Thank you for reading!