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  • Danielle Elias

Bundle 2D Hand Painted

The complete 2D Hand Painted bundle is the perfect choice for 4K platformers, shooters, and side-scrolling endless runners. It contains a bunch of hand-painted sprites and effects!

6 packs that integrate seamlessly together allows building rich and expansive worlds; you have all you need to craft vibrant, rich, and diverse worlds for your games.

22 Ambiance Effects that compliment your created worlds and provide them with a breath of life.

Mix and match the 6 packs that integrate seamlessly together to compose a rich and expansive worlds.

The 48 Sprite Shapes Profiles are a flexible and powerful world-building tool for creating organic and art for your games.

2D Hand Painted Bundle – Game Assets Sprites
  • 1050+ Hand-Painted Sprites
  • 48 Sprite Shapes Profiles
  • 22 Ambiance Effects
  • PSD Source Files Included
  • 6 Playable demo scenes
  • PC, mobile & console
  • Neatly organized
  • Drag and drop
  • Extensive manual
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